I’m a Jewish, Latinx, feminist writer who explores motherhood and life through my essays and articles. Writing is my answer to fear. It’s where I explore and share all the ways in which I get life wrong and the truths I discover along the way. Like many of us, I’m just trying to figure this whole “life” thing out—mostly by falling on my ass and going at it again.

I once had a blog called Writing In Bold. I believe that our lives are better when we are bold. Bold is being curious, gravitating toward the unfamiliar, being unflinchingly real, being youer than you, even when it’s the unpopular option. Bold is admitting you were wrong and saying you’re sorry. It’s standing up for what is right and speaking up when something is wrong. Bold is being willing to change. I don’t host a blog anymore, but being bold continues to be the theme of my writing.

I am currently working on a memoir told through personal essays, and a collection of monologues for women. My work has been published in LA YOGA Magazine, Bust.com, Jewish Journal, Elephant Journal, and The Huffington Post, to name a few. I’m a California girl currently living in Chicago with my husband and two kids. 


Photo by Casey Gates